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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daniel Diges and Raúl Peña present the musical 'La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast)'

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The actors play Gaston and Lefou, respectively, in the performance that will be in Murcia from October 26 to November 4

On Tuesday in the redaction of the Murcia's newspaper 'La Verdad' were the actors Daniel Diges and Raúl Peña, who interpret Gaston and Lefou in 'La Bella y La Bestia', due to the presence of the musical in the Auditorio Víctor Villegas from October 26 to November 4, during the Semana Grande of Cajamurcia.

The actors explained in a funny way how the performance looks like and sang one of the most known songs of the musical which will soon arrive to the region capital.

The spectators will be able to enjoy during 14 performances in a well known story of love and its songs. Nevertheless there will be "two unreleased songs, audio-visually speaking", as Raúl Peña, who interprets Lefou, lets us know and adds that "even if you've seen the movie you will find so many things in the play that you won't feel repeated."

On the other hand, the musical is presented with the novelty that the role of Chip will be interpreted by Murcia's children. The actors affirm that "the real merit of this play is of the kids because we have a month of rehearsals but that guy gets there, rehearses the scene one day and has to sing like everyone else and to tune in."

Raúl Peña, talks about the magnitude of the play stating that there will be 15 trailers moving around Spain during the tour and that it takes four days to assemble. Moreover, the cast includes 35 artists on stage, plus four in reserve. It is "the Broadway musical with all the letters" as it is "the biggest thing that has been on tour."

Regarding th widespread thought that the shows of this magnitude lose quality when they go on tour, his colleague Daniel Diges, Gaston in the musical, says that in this case, "as for not to cut, La Bella y la Bestia is going to stay two weeks" in each city "because all they had in Madrid they will bring here". In addition the tour "is much more demanding because you only have 14 days to give to the audience of the provinces", Raúl Peña notes.

Both actors say that this is not a musical for kids because "the background of the play is something that touches". The spectator sees the characters who "love, suffer, cry, hate, regret and not as the caricature but as a real work."

NOTE: Short transcription of the video soon.

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