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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Digital Encounter on elEconomista

You can find this encounter here.

The actor and singer will talk about the musical "Los Miserables" and the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

#1 Hi Dani! I’m Elsa, from Madrid. First I want to give you my congratulations for all of your successes and I wish you many more. Well, my question is next: what part of the musical is your favorite? Which part do you like the most and which the least? A big kiss!
'ABC café' is my favorite. And the one that I like the least is the final part, where they all dance a waltz and I play the waiter. But I like the whole play very much.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Theater is better than cinema or television"

This is an interview from the magazine Sálvalo, February 1st

"Theater is better than cinema or television"

Daniel Diges is starring in the new version of Los Miserables together with Gerónimo Rauch, Ignasi Vidal y Virginia Carmona among the others.

We were in Teatro Lope de Vega where is being shown the mythical musical Los Miserables, based on the novela of Victor Hugo. There we interviewed Daniel Diges, who interprets the role of Enjolras.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The protagonists of Los Miserables are living their dream

This is an interview that TodoMusicales made with all the protagonists of the Los Miserables on October, 15th 2010. I will here translate only what Dani said, you can find the whole interview here.

We talked to Gerónimo Rauch, Ignasi Vidal, Virginia Carmona, Daniel Diges, Talía del Val, Lydia Fairen and David Ordinas about their participation in Los Miserables, which opens November 18th at the Teatro Lope de Vega de Madrid.

"I have always asked Magi for instruments"

This is an interview made by Pedro Ángel Sánchez for Kiss FM, on January 3rd 2011. You can find the interview here.

He has had to spend the whole Christmas season working. And, since nearly two months ago, the Theatre Lope de Vega raised its curtain with Los Miserables, hardly there was a day that they didn’t have to hang the sign "No more tickets." A success that confirms to Daniel Diges that 2010 was "his year." He represented us at Eurovision, recorded his first album, did a little tour around the country... and now he returns to that what is "his home", as he puts it, the musicals. With him, about his Christmas and about what did he ask this year from the Magi, we are chatting this week with an artist who is every day more and more admired in our country.

"I have a dream of making a musical movie, something that Spain is lacking"

This is the interview of La Gaceta, made on January, 27th 2011. You have the interview here.

Daniel Diges, actor and singer, was the last Spanish representative at the Eurovision. Now, he dazzles the audience in Madrid in Los Miserables.