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Monday, November 5, 2012

"I'm fulfilling many dreams"

You can find this interview here.

Daniel Diges, contestant and winner of the second gala of "Tu cara me suena", managed to find a free spot in his schedule to let us get to know his more personal side. The actor and singer confessed that he was about to throw in the towel, and that his son gives him strength and that he is his first fan. We have talked about his hobbies, his dreams, about this rollicking adventure called "Tu cara me suena" and about his companions whom he undoubtedly adores.

The versatile Daniel Diges is one of the most complimented contestants of the second edition of "Tu cara me suena". His spontaneity, closeness, his curls and his smile make him a great singer and actor. We were able to be with him for a few minutes in which that let us see his big heart.

"My companions are adorable and super funny"

Daniel admits that he's having a great time in the contest and with his companions. The singer says that he's dying of laughter with Santiago Segura which he considers "the chieftain of all" and with Arturo Valls about whom he says that he is "your typical good old friend." Of Roko he usually asks lots of advices and despite being much younger than him "she could be a very good acting coach." About Ángeles and Javier he thinks that they are just such a sweethearts. And about Maria del Monte he also declares her the head of the roost, "she has that black humor which is killing me" and Anna Simon he labels as "the class nerd."

"You have to fight for your goals and never get demoralized"

Diges admits that he has been at the point of throwing the towel in on more than one ocasion but has always managed to struggle to keep going, "You have to move forward and put your best face even if it's hard."

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