This site is imagined as an archive, not a place where you find actual news... If you are looking for what Dani is doing right now go to the web page of his official fanclub 'Daniel Diges World'.

About us

Why this blog?

Hello to everyone!!!

If you are devoted fan of Dani, you probably already know who am I.... But, just in case, my name is Aida, I'm one of those numerous fans of this great guy, Daniel Diges, who doesn't have that luck to live in Spain, and who has to follow him and his magnificent work from far away.... That's why I made the facebook page called "Daniel Diges - an english version", so that all of his non-spanish fans have the chance to follow him without needing to know spanish language... But it turnes out that Facebook doesn't offer enough space for everything I wanted to archive, so.... that's why this blog!
At the beginning I want to ask for your forgivness for eventual mistakes in my english, I know it's not perfect, but I hope that it's understandable...

So, I hope that you will find this blog useful, as I intend to post a lot of translations here....

How to participate?

Obviously I didn't do all these translations by myself, I have a great and invaluable help of my "pequeñitos"... We are doing all that we can do, but even more can be done... If you have found some interesting article that you'd like to see translated, tell me about it. About the translations of the songs, if your language is not among the listed, you can translate the song yourself and send it to me, and I'll post it... (send message here)
Or if you have some other suggestion that you think might be a good idea, don't hesitate to tell it. That's why that field to leave the comment exists ;o)
And the most important of all, english is not my first language, I'm not going to pretend that I know it perfectly.... So, whenever you notice some mistake or mistranslation (my spanish is even worse!), please do  tell!
Every input will be evaluated carefully, I can assure you of that.
Help me achieve my goal, making Daniel Diges an international star!



  1. From today, we have an email address too:

  2. Right now, we are in a middle of the project of writing down the entire play of Los Miserables. If you understand Spanish, and have good hearing, we need you! Please contact me on the address mentioned above and I will send you the parts we need help for. Thanks!

  3. The project of Los Miserables is finished, we have all the lyrics written down, but there's always a chance that there are some mistakes. As I'm not a native Spanish speaker, there's a great chance that I've missed some accent or spelled some word wrong, so please if you encounter some of those tell me about it. There are several parts where editing is needed, you can search those by looking for a tag "edit" - mainly I need help with the lines of students, workers and prostitutes, I simply have no idea which one says what ;o)
    So, enjoy!