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More photos like these, alongside with a great interview you can find here.

30/10/2012 Last night at 5th gala of "Tu cara me suena" Dani was imitating David Bustamante with the song "No soy un Superman", and unfortunatelly he ended second to last.... At least Bustamante gave him 9 points.

Watch the entire program here.

There have been several interesting moments too:

Here you have several photos:

Next week Dani will imitate Europe.

28/10/2012 Last Monday in "Tu cara me suena" Dani was imitating Tino Casal with his song "Eloise" and he did a great job, even though the jury didn't think so...

Watch the entire program here.

Here you have several photos:

Next Monday we will see him as David Bustamante, and as that wasn't hard enough, he will have to imitate him right in front of him, as Busta will be a guest jury member!

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22/10/2012 This morning Dani was in TV program "Espejo publico" of Antena 3 and here we have the video of that visit.

Tonight of course we have the fourth gala of "Tu cara me suena" where we will enjoy in a new and improved Tino Casal and tomorrow night Dani will attend Neox Fan Awards, which will be covered with live broadcast, but unfortunately the web official of Antena doesn't offer it online.

20/10/2012 Third gala of "Tu cara me suena", Dani was impersonating a great Nino Bravo with his song "Noelia". And he did it more than great, he was perfect!

Watch the entire program here.

Here you have several photos:

Next Monday he will imitate Tino Casal with (probably) this song:
It will be interesting to see......

10/10/2012 During the second gala of "Tu cara me suena" Dani surprised us with perfect imitation of Antonio Molina's high tones, which brought him first place in this week competition.


What did jury say:


Watch the entire program here.

Here you have several photos:

08/10/2012 Mondays are now reserved for "Tu cara me suena" and tonight our Dani will surprise us once more with his imitation abilities. Last Monday we had the chance to see his first performance in which he imitated Whitney Houston. He did a great job although those Gaston's muscles made his Whitney little believable. But the voice.... that was incredible! I always say that our guy can't surprise me anymore, but hearing him sing "I Will Always Love You" was quite some experience! Judge for yourself:

Watch the entire program here

Here you have several photos of Dani / Whitney

Tonight he will imitate Antonio Molina and here I give you one of his most famous songs, "Soy minero"

25/09/2012 Photos from Twitter

25/09/2012 Ah that Gastón!!!

25/09/2012 In case you forgot, the next concert will be within the Fiestas of San Fulgencio, on September 29, at 21:00, in Carpa Municipal (program of the Fiestas here).

Additionally, Dani announced the concert in Madrid, on January 10 in the Sala Galileo. All we know about that so far is that it will be scripted by Zenon Recalde. More info as the time comes nearer.

25/09/2012 "La Bella y la Bestia" ended in Valladolid and they are moving to Santander (opens on Friday, September 28) to conquer it too. Resume of its first 28 performances is: earned a million euros and had 25.000 spectators - what more to say? Bravo! (Source:

Here you have the video of the premiere night seen from the backstage (Dani is at the mere end of the video, but it's worth seeing ;o))

25/09/2012 It's been announced that the new season of "Tu cara me suena" will start on next Monday, October 1, at 22:00. (Although if I understood right, it has yet to be announced officially.)

Also we have the first photos of all the contestants with the host Manel Fuentes:

The eight contestants are Daniel Diges (of course!), Santiago Segura, Arturo Valls, Anna Simon, María del Monte, Roko, Javier Herrero and Ángeles Muñoz.

25/09/2012 Few days ago Dani posted several photos of his first day with "Tu cara me suena" on his blog. I'll give you several here, the rest you can find on the blog.

01/09/2012 New entry on Dani's blog, he writes about the excitement of the premiere and he gives us a photo from his dressing room. Read the blog here (in Spanish).

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