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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I know to turn the anger into positive energy

You can find this interview here.
February 12, 2012
By AMILIBIA - La Razón

«I think we have to charge our batteries with positive energy» - Photo: Cristina Bejarano

–Where were you in the 70s?
–I was a baby project, I guess. I wasn't born.

–It was the prodigious age of pop, it's said. And of what more?
–Of the liberty. It was a time of change, as the one we live now.

–«Libertad sin ira, libertad (Freedom without rage, freedom)». Do you know it?
–Yes, I really like that number. And freedom without rage too. I believe we are less violent now than then.

–It was a time o hope. Today there is no optimism...
–It has to be enhanced. I think we have to charge our batteries with positive energy, even if it's hard when you are left without job...

–Do you know anything about that?
–I was without job for three years, they didn't want me for anything. I had to sell my house. But I know to turn my anger into positive energy. I know to do it.

–How did you do it?
–I got better on the piano, I learned to compose and I formed a group. We did gigs even in the bars and sometimes we got paid only 50 euros.

–And suddenly appeared saint Nacho Cano...
–Yes, he chose me to interpret «Hoy no me puedo levantar (Today I can't get up)». And I got up.

–On your disc you sing, for example, «Por qué te vas (Why do you go)». Where do you want to go?
–I would like that we all go out of the crisis.

–«Eres tú (You are)». Do you know who you are?
–A born fighter.

–«Échame a mí la culpa (Blame it on me)». What are you to be blamed of?
–Of not being a better student as a kid.

–«Algo de mí (Something mine)». What is hard for to give?
–Nothing. From time to time I've been left without pasta to lend. I'm generous and kisser.

–You went to Eurovision and sang «Algo pequeñito». You were 15th. Any regrets?
–No. We must go for something different. And never regret.

–«If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster!». (Clint Eastwood)

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